"Unofficially" Weight Watchers

I'm going to give a review for those who do Weight Watchers but don't want the cost that comes with it.  There is an app available in the Google Play Store and in the Amazon App Store called WWDiary.

On Google Play:  WWDiary:

At Amazon App Store:  WWDiary:

First thing you should know - this app will cost $1.00 at Amazon; it is FREE on Google Play.

Second thing you should know - You have to already know the Weight Watchers program to use it.  Since the app can be used with the new Points Plus as well as the old Point system - it's highly versatile to accommodate all Weight Watcher users.

Third thing:  This app is very generic - don't expect a lot of bells and whistles.  This app was originally designed to replace a paper tracker.  It does not have a food database, so you'll need to know the points of the items you enter, but once they are there, they'll remain there for you.  

Now let's look at the app:

This is one of my screens on my Samsung Galaxy S3.  White box you are seeing right above the Internet button is a widget that comes with the app.  It is kind of hard to see, but it is telling me in the center how many points I have left for the day.  I really like this feature!  If you're not into widgets, your icon will be like the clipboard pictured above.

Anyway, I touch the widget and get to my main screen (the first time you'll enter you will get an information screen):

That's a list of what I've eaten today and the point values assigned to them.  As I've said the app is generic; you are not seeing separate areas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - it is just continuing list.  To add another item you need to touch the drumstick in the lower right corner:

Here you will touch where it says Food Item and your keyboard should pop up:
As I type my entry of "Chicken", anything I've already entered that resembles that will appear - if I want one of those I just choose it..if not I continue typing:
I put the point value in - it won't do that automatically, HOWEVER, if you click that little calculator icon, a point calculator will pop-up!  Like I said there is no database and this was designed to replace a paper tracker not the Weight Watcher app but it is nice to have a calculator there if needed.

Once done:
I can go back to my main screen and you see the Chicken entry at the bottom.

The two feet in the lower left corner is your weight button - it is there you can track your weight.  The person next to that is where you log activity. The heart is for favorites.  To access the settings just click your phone menu button while in the app and then choose settings from the pop up window - there you can choose the point program you wish to use and other things.

For a free app - I find this very like able once you know your way around.  Would you like to take it one level more????

For $1.00 a month (payable via PayPal) you can access a bar code scanner.  The first time you open the scanner it will ask you to download a FREE scanner from the app store - it will offer 2 choices, choose either and download.  Once installed go back to this app, click the drumstick:

See the bar code button next to the Food Item block???  Click that.  The scanner will pop up and you can scan the bar code.  If the item is in the database, you'll see something like this:

If that's correct, click okay and you'll get to review and edit (if necessary):

What if the item isn't there????  You can add it!!  And once it syncs, it will be available not only to you but to everyone else that has the paid membership!!  Great idea!

So if you decide to use this app, I suggest you pay the $1.00 a month.  It is so very worth it!!

Sorry this app isn't available for iPhone.