My Keyser Dog

I received some bad news Friday – the unexpected, not ready for kind.

Our Keyser dog won’t be with us much longer…..   :(    I’m heartbroken.

He seemed fine yesterday morning; but when I got home from work he didn’t greet me with the normal beagle/hound bark that he normally does.  When I walked him he was very stiff and slow and really didn’t want to walk.  When I took him back in, he just flopped on the floor and wouldn’t take his treat, even though I topped it with peanut butter.  Definitely not good signs, but since he suffers from back and hip issues, I thought he just injured something again while jumping.

I called the vet and they told me to bring him in.  It became clear by both the vet and I that we weren’t dealing with his normal issues; that seemed fine; but his gums were pale which indicates anemia which indicates he’s bleeding somewhere.  He would tense up when she touched around his stomach.  She told me she suspected that he had a tumor that was bleeding into his stomach and wanted to do x-rays; if everything looked alright they’d proceed with blood work.  I went to sit in the lobby.
I knew when she came out and asked me to come review the x-rays that it wasn’t good news; had things looked right she just would of said that and said they’d continue with blood work.  I knew when I saw the x-rays it wasn’t good.

Keyser either has a tumor in the liver or spleen which is bleeding.  He’d need an ultrasound to determine which it is.  If the tumor is in the liver – nothing can be done for him.  If the tumor is in the spleen, it can be removed and with chemo he would live at the most another year.  ONE YEAR – that’s the best we can hope for.

Hubby and I have decided against an ultrasound – it doesn’t seem worth it.  It would just be prolonging his life to satisfy us!  I have a friend who’s dog had the same thing and she did the surgery and chemo – she said she’d never do that again, it was just too hard on the dog.
Right now, my Keyser is on pain meds until……well, you know – we have a decision to make.