Moving Forward

I never thought anyone read this blog...and then since my revelation that it was time to cut ties with Weight Watchers for the time being brought me encouraging comments (they are over on the weight loss blog, link on sidebar).

I like that.  I've always used my blogs as a way of sorting through all the things that go through my head and it is very nice that my weight thoughts are shared by others.

So why the cut from Weight Watchers?

When I started WW back in 2010, I was ready for it.  I lost 20 lbs. on the old point system and another 20 on points plus.  I made Lifetime and then.....well then, nothing more happened.  I know, I know...I was to continue doing what I was doing, but I didn't and the weight came back.

I've joined and rejoined WW at least 3 times since 2011; CC and I have tried to do it on our own.  But I could just never get back into that enthusiasm I felt the first time around.

This isn't Weight Watchers fault; it's mine.  I know better than to blame the diet.

Since November (when I started back) I've been fighting the same 5 lbs.  Totally in that time I've lost 6.4.  Not very good for 5 months of dieting.

I think, like some of the other bloggers, it just makes you tired.  You want the "skinny" you back - I want to be "that" girl; but the journey to get there is over whelming.

Like I said in a previous post - I'm tired of looking at food and seeing a point value; I'm tired of adjusting points around to make something fit.  I'm tired of points.

Weight Watchers just isn't the right fit for me this time around.

I've opted to give SparkPeople a try and so far everything is good.  I'm not switching out points for calories; but I do look at the bottom totals to see if I'm within my ranges.  Today, for example, I knew it would be a heavy eating day (with probably some not so good choices).  So I logged those not so good choices in and worked the rest of my day around them.  I was still coming up over though so I walked on my breaks, walked the dogs when I got home and earned enough to put me back in the ranges with some left over!  How great is that?  And I really didn't do anymore walking than normal.  Before it would take quite a lot to earn one measly point!  Now it didn't seem like a lot of effort.

Because I'm doing something new - I'm thinking more clearly.  Today a co-worker told me he was bringing donuts in the morning and asked me what kind I would like.  I almost blurted out powdered white cream but then I backed up and said "Thanks, but I don't want a donut."  If I were still doing WW, I'd of ate the donut and taken it off my weekly pts. whether I had them or not.

See it's a new diet, not the same old one; so it's a new prospective.  Rather than just count the points and go over; I now ask myself "Do I really want that?" and if I do I then ask "What do I need to do to be able to have it?"  

Hubby and I ate out last night.  I had it in my head a healthy option, but when we got there they had a favorite as a special.  So I opted for the favorite and only ate 1/2 of it (which was more than plenty); boxed up the other 1/2 and had it for lunch today.

So, so far I'm thinking my choices; actually going the distance to make it work and feeling better about this whole weight loss thing!  FINALLY!!

I know I need to work on getting my water intake back up (I use to be so good at that) and becoming more active (which with the nice weather shouldn't be hard); and just making better choices.  SparkPeople has a lot of information on their site I've been reading through and some of it is very very helpful.

Again, I'm not encouraging anyone to leave WW - everyone needs to find their own "nitch" - but don't be afraid to start new if that's what you need!