I Think It's Time For A Weight Do Over

It's time to re-think my weight loss journey.  I'll have a good weigh-in then be up some extraordinary amount the next week.

It's depressing.

It is not working.

I want to enjoy my weight loss journey; I don't want it to feel like work and I certainly don't want to be focused on food all the time.

I want to live life normally - I want a lifestyle change and I don't want to count points the rest of my life.

I get so exhausted seeing food and having point values go through my head!  I don't even see food anymore, I see points!  And I just don't want to anymore.

So I need to break away from Weight Watchers just for a while or perhaps forever.  And I really need to do away with points.  My head needs a rest.

But I'm not giving up.

I know what foods I should eat, I know what food choices to make, I know to watch my portions and I know I need to be more active.

I'm just not doing it with points.

Right now I think I'm going to track with the SparkPeople app.  I much prefer the LoseIt one but to be able to plan meals ahead of time I have to upgrade to the paid version (which is a yearly fee that is only the cost of one month of Weight Watchers); but I'll give SparkPeople a chance first.

Now I know what you're thinking, aren't you just switching points to calorie counting?  In a way yes, but I'm really not concerned about the calories; I just know it is important to see what I'm eating.  Ask anyone that has ever lost weight and they'll tell you that writing down what they are eating is the number one thing to do!

It's time....but I just can't do the points anymore!