I Know, I Know...

Yes, oh yes, I have been gone for quite some time.  Sorry about that, but seriously? Does anyone really read here?

On the weight loss front; my weight has slowly been declining.  I made my 5% loss charm this past week and hoping to be in the upper 160's for next week.  I must admit though that this week I haven't felt well and my appetite has been about zilch; so I know some of that loss has to do with that but I'm trying to maintain it and get back on track.

Life wise, our poor Keyser doggie has hurt his back again and he has meds for that.  He's getting better but not yet at 100%.  We can't allow him in the bed as he could re-injure jumping out; so I purchased an air mattress for he and I to sleep on.  Yes, me too - can't allow him to sleep alone!

Some missed yearly posts:

March 22, 2008 we got our Keyser Dog (hard to believe it's been SEVEN years):

And on March 25, 2011 - we got Lucy: