Yes It's Been Awhile

I've been off the grid a bit, but hopefully am back for some more current postings.

My last weigh-in was a loss.  I had missed the weigh-in before and this week's weigh-in (I was sick both times) so I just kept my weight the same as the week before and put an asterick (*) to indicate that it isn't an "official" weigh-in or rather not a weigh-in at all!!

Other than being sick, not much is happening.  If I can maintain where my weight is right now, I'll have a very good weigh-in next week.  But it's mostly due to that stomach virus and not hard work! However, I would like to maintain it anyway and just move on from there!  No since on letting sickness loss go to waste!

Oh, I know....some people would bash me for that, but what can I say???  It's not like I'm starving myself or forcing myself to throw up or anything.  It was a sickness that happened.  I've no doubt by weigh-in some of that weight will be back due to regular eating habits.  But I can always hope right???