Alrighty Then.....

Well I started well, but my birthday weekend took me way off course; once off that course I just kept going.

Knowing a bad weigh-in was going to make it worse; I opted out of the weigh-in and meeting this week.  I just needed to regroup.

My regrouping brought me to TOPS which stands for Taking Pounds Off Sensibly.  Oh, I've no intention of switching from Weight Watchers to TOPS; but I found an interesting article on their website which was related to my dilemma The TOPS 10 Ways To Regroup After A Setback.  I mean really?  Was this a sign or what?

Three of the items really caught my eye:

1.  Remember how far you've come.
2.  Pause to think about your triumphs.
3.  Return to what inspires you.

I was at work on Monday crying on the shoulder of a co-worker (that's just a figure of speech, I wasn't actually crying), when she asked me "Where would you be right now if you wouldn't of gone back to Weight Watchers?"  I knew that answer immediately, I'd be over eating and probably well over 200 lbs.  She made me realize that maintaining (even if it is way over lifetime goal) is better than gaining.  So there's something working there.

Then I opened a dresser drawer this evening and found this:

My achievements from my first journey with Weight Watchers.  The achievements I hid out of the way so I didn't have to look back at my success as I was on a new journey.  It made me realize I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL, I just need to push myself to the right mind set.  I need that key chain of success in front of me, telling me that I CAN DO THIS.

I also upped my daily step goal on my fitbit and despite it being too cold for me to even consider walking outside (though today was rather nice) I'm learning I can get steps in by just walking in place!  I actually hit that new goal today and earned 3 activity points.  YAY ME!

So off to the next phase of my journey.....