Weigh In and Skinnytaste Cookbook Review

Weigh-in resulted in a .6 (point 6) gain this week.  Not good - the weekend just threw me off!
What I liked though was the receptionist and leader after my weigh-in asked me something that no one at my old meeting location ever has "What can we do to help you?"  I knew why they asked, my weight is up and down and all around but nothing consistent and I know why - I'm just only "kind of" doing it.  I admitted it, they told me to set a goal and work to achieve it.  My goal? I want to have a pound loss next week and I want to put some exercise into my routine.  So I guess it is time to dust off the Wii Fit and I bought the WW 10 Minute Time Crunch Pack (which they gave me a discount on).  On top of that, my leader always does a drawing each month to "clean out the cabinet" as she puts it and for the second month in a row - I WON!!  I got a plastic water pitcher(not WW related), the WW cookbook "Master Your Meals" and the collapsible measuring cups.  Nice Deal!

If you've been anywhere within the WW community the past few years than you are very familiar with Gina Homolka and her website Skinnytaste and now there's the Skinnytaste Cookbook.

Again - another cookbook with more than just recipes, the front section is a wealth of information everything from answers to the most common excuses for not eating healthy to taking charge of your kitchen.  Lots of helpful information.  And well, if you've every been to the website - well the recipes speak for themselves.  Again, lightening up of everyday dishes, who knew it could be so easy!!

So I made out very well with the cookbooks - now to put them to use!