The New Weight Watcher Starter Kit

You don't have to be new to Weight Watchers to purchase the Starter Kit or any kit for that matter.  Each year Weight Watchers has a new kit and I'm really excited about this new one.  Not only does it have really usable things in it; it is also cheaper than some of the past ones, which is very exciting!

(Please excuse my photography skills).  What you get are two portion plates (Corelle style, not cheap plastic), a Bento Box, a cookbook and coupons all for $24.95!

Now let's take a closer look:

The plates are white with gray areas to show portions, the back of the box gives you the instructions. The largest area is for your fruits and veggies; 2 is for your whole grains (whole wheat pasta, rices, potatoes, etc..) and 3 is for your protein (meat).

I really like the style of these plates and hope they sell them outside of the kit as I'd love to have a set! And you could pair them with the Corelle white dishes (cups, bowls, etc..)  I'm in the mood for new dishes and would really like these....but we will see.

Above is the Bento lunch box with it's portion containers.  I've been seeing a lot of this style of lunch box around (Rubbermaid has then as well) but Bento is the original (to my understanding, I could be wrong).  Nice touch to the kit.

The cookbook is Weight Watchers Easy Mains and Sides and I haven't had the chance to go through it yet, but as always there is ALWAYS something in the book I'll cook and like.

Coupons?  Here's what you get:

1.  Free One Shop or Eat Out guide
2.  $6.00 off WW Serving Spoon set
3.  $10.00 off WW Electronic Food Scale
4.  $1.50 off   WW Popped BBQ Potato Crisps or Cheddar Twists
5.  $1.50 off WW Dark Chocolate Chunk or Sweet & Salty Snack Bars
6.  $3.50 off WW Creamy Chocolate or French Vanilla Smoothie

The above are all available at your meetings.  The next group are available at your grocery store:

7.  $1.00 off WW Cereal
8.  $5.00 off a WW scale purchase o $39.99 or more
9.  $1.00 off All Whites or Better' n Eggs
10.  $.65 off WW cheese or cream cheese product
11.  $.75 off WW Sweet Baked Good (muffins, cakes, cookies)
12.  $1.00 off WW Whitman's candy bag or box 3 oz. or larger
13.  $.75 off WW Ice Cream
14.  $1.00 off  five WW Smart Ones Frozen Breakfast
15.  $1.00 off four WW Smart Ones Smart Anytime Products
16.  $2.00 off six WW Smart Ones Smart Creations
17.  $1.00 off three WW Smart Ones Frozen Desserts

And this:  $6.00 off WW Smart Ones Frozen Products (any), this one you need to go to the website to print.  It says it is exclusive to new members, but I'm sure if you bought the kit that's how you find the link!

Lots of coupons some good, some not...all depends on what you are looking for!