Snack Girl to the Rescue Cookbook

My new recipe books have arrived and I wanted to do a post on each.

Snack Girl is by Lisa Cain who is famous for her blog Snack Girl.  

I had a chance to sit down and go thru this book last night and I'm very impressed!  Lisa gives her background, her opinion on weight loss scams, fad diets (and why they don't work), how food is marketed and the importance of healthy cooking and exercise (and no you don't have to run marathons for exercise or even join a gym).  All that information is before you ever get to the recipes! It's a quick read without being boring or the same old stuff - it's easier to understand when the person writing it has been there and done that!

The recipes are great.  They are simple, every day foods and most of the ingredients you probably have on hand.  No fancy chef dishes, just everyday food.  Those are the recipes I love!

So if you're looking for healthy, easy, normal recipes - this is the book you want!