Make It Simple And You'll Succeed!

So weigh in this week resulted in no gain or loss...I remained the same; and you know-that's okay.

My goal last week was to get 6 cups of water in a day and I've done very well with to continue on with it.  This week I want to work on the other Good Health Guidelines:  2 tsp of oil; 2 dairy; multi-vitamin; 3-5 servings of fruits/veggies.

I normally drink a cup of skim milk in the morning, so I'm good there.  I bought some yogurt and that should take care of the second serving.  Note:  The single serving yogurts normally don't count as a serving - yogurt does count as a dairy serving, but the size of these aren't considered a whole serving; however, I'm counting them as one.  How you choose to do it, is up to you.

We had a new person start last week and a few more this week.  The lady that started last week was a little frustrated.  She had no gain or loss and didn't understand why.  One she had given up diet coke and only drank water and Two most of the time she wasn't eating all her points.

Word of advice:  EAT ALL YOUR DAILY POINTS.  And the more you those weeklies and activity points.  If you are one of those people with a huge amount of points - forgo the fat free version and go with reduced fat or whole fat - they have more points and as your daily target moves down, you can go back to the reduced fat/fat free versions.

However, I began to realize that this lady probably wasn't really sticking to the program.  The lesson for the week was about the times of your meals.  Again, this all means planning things out.  As people were sharing how they do things, I heard her whisper to one of the new people:  "Who has time to plan all that?  Half the time at work I don't even get a break much less have any time to be planning things out."

And here again is a person that wants the program to work for her without having to work the program.  Obviously she doesn't work 24/7 and she comes to the meeting directly from work and meetings last like 30-45 minutes.  So she really has some time after the meeting to go home and figure something out.  But I'll be fair, I don't know what all she has to do at home so I won't be overly judgmental.  If time restraint is an issue, I offer some advice:  KEEP THINGS SIMPLE.

By simple, I mean find some grab and go things or things that can be prepared quickly.  Instant oatmeal is a favorite of mine and it comes in all types of flavors.  It's ready quickly - pair it with a banana and a cup of skim milk and you have a decent breakfast.  That's what I eat for breakfast almost every day; don't try to come up with 7 different breakfasts, only change if you truly are sick of something.

I have the luxury of a refrigerator and microwave at work; so pretty much anything goes. If you don't or need something that's more grab and go, a sandwich will work every time.  Buy light bread and the deli meat of your choice and pair it with carrot/celery sticks (don't have time to cut them up?  you can buy them already cut).  Yogurt is a good snack option, as are cheese sticks and fruit.  Also don't be afraid of chips and such...just count out one serving and count the points.

Smart Ones, Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine are good in a pinch (and if you have microwave access).  I've been doing that this week at work, but I always have a side salad and piece of fruit with it.  Otherwise I'd be starving within the hour.

If you don't have access to a refrigerator; invest in a small cooler or a Pack-It Lunch bag.  I used a pack-it until I got a small fridge for my office (found that for $20 on a FaceBook yard sale site).  You can make the program fit your lifestyle - you just have to DO IT.