It's Too Expensive

I have many cousins besides CC and one particular one always is looking to lose weight and then never sticking to it.  I get it, I've been there.  Always wanting to lose but never doing it.  I've always said that the biggest obstacle in weight loss is your mentality.  Get your mind in the right spot and the rest will follow.  There's a huge difference between wanting to lose weight and actually doing it.  We all want it; but few do.

Anyway this particular cousin was thinking of Nutrisystem and wanted opinions.  I couldn't really give her an opinion because I've never tried that program, but I knew people that had, had been successful and well after the fact gained their weight back (again, I totally understand this-I've been there).  I told her that and just advised to check and see how their program advances you from their prepackaged meals to regular ones.

I asked though an obvious - is there a Weight Watchers in your area?  Her response, "Yes, but they are too expensive."  I get this too; obviously not everyone has the extra $45 a month for that; but when I checked the Nutrisystem website and saw what the monthly costs were; well I had to think that she was making excuses, was never really going to do Nutrisystem and obviously money isn't the issue.  I told her to check out the Spark People website as it was free.

I honestly believe that one diet does not fit all; and everyone needs to find what works for them.  I'm a Weight Watcher person and despite the $45 month fee I know I need that one on one, group atmosphere, weekly weigh in.  That's what works for me.  That $45 equals about $1.50 a day.  I think everyone can come up with $1.50 a day - make your own coffee rather than buying it; don't buy lunch out one day a week, you probably waste more than $1.50 a day.

Anyway, what I've learned is that when you're truly ready; money won't matter.  And if doing it on your own isn't working, well it never will.