Another Weigh In

So my weekly weigh-in resulted in a 1 lb. gain; but I can deal with that and am so very happy that the holidays are now over.  Time to get back to reality.

My goal this week is to increase my water intake.  I use to be very very good with this but have got off track.  I've heard some goals from people on giving up soda/diet soda.  I'll admit that I can download A LOT of diet soda in a day and it would be unrealistic of me to give it up entirely; so I can't make that particular goal.  However, what I will do is get the required six 8 oz. servings of water that Weight Watchers requires.  Actually, they say six 8 oz. servings of liquid and ANY liquid counts (including that soda) but.... I make it six servings of water.  To me that's the healthy option and WW needs to change that.

Anyway, I drink the required six servings of water BEFORE I allow myself any soda.  AND for every cup of coffee or soda I have, I down another serving of water.  AND when I drink water, it is plain water nothing flavored, but that's just a preference of mine.

Another trick I do with water that is a little different than others is that I don't fill a big jug of water and have it sitting in front of me all day.  I've tried that - I didn't drink it; seeing all that water was too overwhelming.  What I do is mark a cup with an 8 oz. line (with a permanent marker) and drink 8 oz. at a time.  It doesn't overwhelm me; and since I have to walk the cup to the cooler each time I get some extra steps in.  It's a win win for me!

But everyone is different and you need to find the little things that will work for you.

Another thing I did this week?  Some of my favorite websites have released cookbooks this past I went ahead and ordered them from Amazon:

 If you've never visited these sites - I highly recommend them!

Oh and Weight Watchers has a new kit out!  I didn't really look at it but the leader said it has 2 dinner plates (made like corel dishes, not cheap plastic) that have portion areas; a cookbook; a bento lunchbox with portion containers that fit in it and $50 worth of coupons.  There may be more but I don't really remember, but it is only $24.95!  It's cheaper than any of the past ones!  I saw someone selling them on eBay for $50-$60!!  I noticed that a point calculator is included in them there (but I don't remember my leader mentioning that).  Anyway, they could be a little different according to area but it does seem like a good deal and I'm buying mine at the next meeting!