And Then There's The Birthday...

So my birthday came and went.  I spent the day at work, which was uneventful though I did have courage enough to turn down a doughnut in the morning (non-scale victory).  After work, CC took me to dinner and then a movie.  Food wise I did okay for breakfast and lunch - I did a smoothie for breakfast (6 pts) and leftovers for lunch-roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and corn (8 pts).  I had planned a little healthier for dinner but the restaurant was way too busy so we went to the local Mexican Restaurant instead (busy but no wait) where.......I probably overly ate, then there was movie popcorn.  I did my points as honestly as I thought it could be using 35 points for dinner (damn those free chips and salsa) and 12 for the popcorn (I don't put butter on my popcorn).  Coming in 60 pts for the whole day!  A lot, but that's why I have those weekly points.

Hubby is taking me to dinner tonight and to buy a laptop case on wheels (which is what I asked for). So I'm going to start looking at restaurants in Chambersburg that I can figure out point values for. One bad day can't continue through the weekend.  My goal for weigh-in is to be 1 lb. down.

My birthday weekend will end at my parents tomorrow for spaghetti with chicken (instead of meatballs), so I'm planning the rest of my day around that.  We're not Super Bowl people so I don't have party food to worry about!