Weekly Weigh-In

I was up .2 (that's POINT 2) this week at weigh-in.  I can handle the "point" gains.  I'm sure the pretzel pizza at lunch was the cause of that.

And considering how bad I ate this past week; .2 isn't all that bad!

But now that the holidays are over....it is time to really get on track.  You know the saying:

"If you kind of do it, it kind of works.  If you really do it, it really works."

Well, I've been kind of doing it, now it is time to do it!

I almost didn't make the meeting this week.  I had scheduled a hair appointment and had figured that I'd never make the meeting; but I got to the salon 15 minutes early and she took me right away and had me done in no time at all.  So I ran home and got my WW stuff and went to the meeting.  I hate to miss them because that sets me up to miss more or not worry about my eating habits until next time and well, I am paying to go - so I can't miss them.

Last night was about preparing meals.  Starting over you "kind of" already know this stuff; but it is nice to hear it again to get the "doing it" working.