Tonight I earned my Weight Watchers Key Ring.  You don't really have to do much, just show up for 4 meeting, but I've always liked these little trinkets.

My original looked like this:

 A little different design and you had to make a 10% weight loss goal to get it.  On it are the charms I earned at that journey (I'll earn on the new one as well).  There's the hands with 16 that I earned at my 16th week (they think you've formed a good habit at that week number); one for walking 5K; a star for reaching goal, a Lifetime key and a washer that you get for every 25 lbs. you lose.

CC and I had re-started Weight Watchers last year and I ended up with this:
The same key ring I got tonight and a charm of a runner, which I'm pretty sure you just got for attending a certain amount of meetings in a certain time period (trust me, it wasn't for running).

I put my old two in a drawer today.  I don't want to look back at the successful and failed attempt.  I just want to move forward with this one.

My first charm will be a snowflake - that's just a special attendance one (like the runner one above) for attending 6 meetings between mid-November and the end of the year.  I do know you get a charm at both the 5% and 10% weight losses (though I've no idea what they look like).  I've always said Weight Watchers needed to come up with more charms; and I'm glad to see that they've did and that they've added for small successes as well as the big ones.

Oh and I was down .8 (that's point 8) which was a surprise because I ate very badly on Sunday.  That made me think of this: