I'm still without a furnace.  I've been without a furnace for 21 days.

In case you missed the mention of this a few posts back:  You could smell oil burning every time the furnace kicked on.  Hubby finally called the Oil Company and they came out to check.  The furnace was "red flagged" which meant it was considered dangerous and completed turned off and unhooked to prevent anyone from ever turning it back on.  We were told we were slowly inhaling carbon monoxide thus poisoning ourselves.

I can totally believe the poisoning thing, within a few days I felt so much better and was no longer tired.

But we needed a furnace; hubby chose to use our Oil Company for this task.  No getting several estimates or anything, so the procedure went like this:

Furnace red-flagged on a Thursday; guy shows up to check furnace specs on Monday; we get the estimates on Wednesday; on Friday we go in to look at financing; financing is pushed to Monday due to the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend; we get our own financing and pay on Tuesday; furnace arrives at oil company on Thursday; install begins on Tuesday and doesn't complete; I'm sitting at home again today on Wednesday waiting for them to come and finish.  (mind you in each step here we've had to initiate everything: had to call and set up for estimate; had to call to get final estimate; had to call about financing; had to call to see when furnace would be in; had to call to see when they were installing, etc...).

Now let me tell you about my step-son and his wife:  Furnace goes out on Saturday; red-flagged on Monday; 4 estimates by Friday; new one installed in 1/2 a day on Monday.  Ten Days!  And would of been faster had they not gotten all those estimates.

See the difference?  I'm not happy with this service AT ALL.  And of course, the install hasn't been without mishap......Our central air unit (which sits on top of the furnace) is shot and they said they wouldn't put that on top of a new furnace.  So central air will be something we need to look at in the spring.  Mind you, we knew there were issues with the AC and knew it was probably what caused part of the furnace problem (next to age) but it would be nice to just have GOOD news every once in a while.  Anyway I was given the name of someone I work with for the AC (had I had his name first, he could of done both the furnace and AC for probably what the furnace is costing us).

So.......Furnace now; AC in the spring and oil tank before next winter.  See what I have to look forward to???