This week's weigh-in was a total bust!!

I apparently have been bad and it also didn't help that the work Christmas Party was the same day as weigh-in.

I almost didn't go to Weight Watchers, I knew it would be bad.  I decided not to go.  Then as I sat in front of the TV, I realized that if I didn't go, I wouldn't be eligible for my snowflake charm.  I then realized that I could go and not weigh-in.  So I decided to do that.

But walking from the car to the meeting I just decided to own it and weigh-in.  I told them it would be bad; it was; I was advised to shake it off and move forwarded.

I hate being a slave to that scale.  I know it doesn't mean EVERYTHING....but at Weight Watchers, IT DOES.

Moving on.......