A Good Weight Week

I had a much better weigh-in this week with a 3 lb. loss.  I don't really believe that I lost 3 lbs. this week; just like I don't really believe I gain 4 lbs. the week before.

Weight is weird.  I believe the 4 lb. gain last week was a fluke that resulted from our work Christmas Party earlier in the day.  Heavy eating the day of weigh-in is never good and can throw off the success from the rest of the week.  I then think once that meal was through my system, it evened its way out and I saw a big loss this week.  An adjustment was made and now I'm back on track.

I got my snowflake charm tonight for on my key ring.  That was for attending at least 6 meetings between November and December.

My next goal needs to be to reach my first 5 lb. loss; than 9 lbs. which will be my 5%; then the 10% etc....  It's a long journey and can only be done a step at a time; no skipping steps - each step in order.