Weigh-In and More

So I had my first weigh-in do over resulted in a 2.8 lb. loss which is awesome!  It could probably of been more but I'll take that!

We've been having furnace trouble at the house.  Every time it kicked on, you could smell oil burning.  Hubby finally called the oil company and they came out last Thursday.  Our furnace was red flagged and turned off.  Completely....no longer to be turned on.  The guy told us that we were slowly poisoning ourselves with carbon monoxide.  So we need a new furnace.

It wasn't until Monday that anyone showed back up to check sizing and such...and today is Wednesday and they are suppose to call with pricing.  Sigh......  Anyway once a decision is made (and I mean really we have to have a furnace so what decision can be made?) it'll probably be a week until one can be installed (they don't keep them in stock, so they have to order).

We've been without a furnace for almost a week.  Fortunately the weather hasn't been overly cold and we have some space heaters, but it is still stressful and annoying.  I'm actually surprised I haven't really over ate, but I'm doing pretty well.  I'm a survivor!