And So It Begins

Well my first meeting at Weight Watchers was last night and all went well.  Since CC isn't going with me, I opted to attend my local meeting rather than the one we went to (our leader from there is gone anyway).

I really enjoyed the meeting and even though the topic was Thanksgiving and we were to point plus our plates - something we've done before; it was nice to get back into the groove, meet some new people and just be inspired again.

I really liked the leader Mary.  She goes around the room and everyone (it's a small group) says something they've done that week and you get a "Bravo" sticker.  Mine of course was "Coming back to Weight Watchers".  There was another lifetimer there that was starting back as well.

Mary was very informative and advised me not to look at the big picture.  We're to look at 5% loss first - which in my case is 9 lbs.  I think as long as I continue with meetings I can get there by Christmas.  Yes, I could probably get there faster, but I just want slow weight loss so that this time it stays off.

She went over the "Simple Start" plan with me after the meeting which also was very informative.  I did do this program thru lunch today and decided it just isn't for me.  I know that wasn't a long time for trying it but the food just seemed blah, and well, I just want my points.  I think Simple Start is very good for the newbies to Weight Watchers and those that have been gone an extremely long time.  But for me, nope I'll stick to my points.

I also got a free Active Link for joining this month.  It's the new one but still comes with that $5.00 a month fee that I'm not hip on.  I'll stick to my fitbit for now and just keep that in the box.  As long as you never activate it; you can sale it or give it away; but once it attaches to your account it is forever there!

So the new journey begins!