Sorry I've Been Gone A While......

Though it may not really matter, I don't think anyone reads here anymore.

I found a new Weight Watcher app (since I'm doing it "unofficially") to use that I really like and want to share it for those that also do it "unofficially".

Value Diary Plus Wt Watcher (android) or Ultimate Food Diary Plus (iPhone) - you'll recognize it with the red heart:

Cover art

It is an app that costs and I think I paid $2.99 for it.  Just the one time fee.  I noticed at iTunes the app is $2.99 but also offers some subscription services, I don't see that with the android version.

Anyway, this one has a lot of bells & whistles and once you learn your way around is just as good if not better than the Official Weight Watchers one.

They also have a website:  Ultimate Food Value Dairy

Check it out!!