Last Friday I visited some Humane Societies and ended up with a new cat.

The one I was at had an outside area for cats and I found him in there.  I knew he'd be mine the minute I saw him.

The place was very very busy; so I opted to go to the cat room and look there.  Many many cats; but the one I saw outside was who I wanted.  I walked back to the desk and asked the girl if the black & white cat in the outside pen was available and she says "Well what's it name?"  I told her I didn't know because there was no cat information outside, she says "Well I don't know who's out there.  Go back to the cat room and find its sheet."  Mind you, she wasn't nasty - just busy; but let's say the customer service was lacking somewhat.

I walk to the back room - many cats fit that description and I just don't know which one belongs to that cat.  I walk back out with my dilemma and she advises me to just fill out an application and they'll figure it out.  I do, return the application and she immediately calls someone who advises her the cat's name.  Okay, now that is settled.

It was very very busy; but after about 20 minutes I got called into the adoption office.  This process moved very very fast.  There was paperwork everywhere being stuffed into folders, sign here & here, get your carrier and we'll get the cat.

His name was Pilot there; I've named him Rooker.  Extremely friendly cat......

Over the Labor Day weekend, he went downhill.  It started as a few sneezes and then the runny nose started, the wasn't pretty.  Tuesday found me at the Vet's office where he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection.  Upon reviewing the paperwork from the Humane Society, I realized he had been diagnosed there and put on a 10 day medication regimen the day before I adopted him.  That's right....he's sick, but still on the adoption floor, still around under cats, on meds...but I wasn't told this, I wasn't given an option for meds or to leave him until he was ready.
I have a sick kitty.

He's on medication, I have to syringe feed him (cats eat by smell and well, he's too clogged up to smell) but today he's looking a little better.  Poor baby.

So everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...whether you're at a shelter, rescue or a breeder..don't let them rush through the paperwork (regardless of how busy they are), read everything completely.  If I would have - I still would of walked out with the same cat...but I also would of had medication that may have prevented him from getting as sick as he has.