Rooker Update and Then Some

Rooker ended up back at the vet's on Friday because he had stopped eating.  Cats eat by smell and if they can't smell it, they won't eat.  Poor Rooker is so congested.

I had to leave him at the vet's because he needs to be force fed.  It's very bittersweet, but I did get word this morning that he had eaten a little on his own; this is great news!

CC and I have restarted Weight Watchers - not "officially" but on our own.  We did weigh-in and measurements at her house Thursday evening.  I'm only going to do measurements once a month (we aren't even sure we were measuring right-lol) and of course, weigh-ins once a week.  I'm going to put my weights on the side bar just like I did when I was originally losing weight the first time.  Though CC is using Sundays as her start day; I'm going to continue with Friday (day after weigh-in).  I like having my whole 49 weeklies at the start and at the time I would most likely use them.

I have some product reviews to do, both the good and the bad:

I bought this one and the chocolate one.  I had the one above for breakfast the other morning and it was absolute HEAVEN!  I'm not a big greek yogurt person (I find it very odd tasting) but this one was really good.  HOWEVER, it wasn't until after I ate it and went to calculate the points that I realized I had been deceived!  This baby came in at 6 pts. - way too much!  Why?  Well because it is not low fat or fat free - it's the real stuff; no wonder it tasted so good.  I decided to keep these as a snack in the event I have pts left and well want something else.  Of course, this paired with a piece of fruit can make a quick breakfast - but it didn't keep me full long.

I'm not a huge fan of frozen meals, especially the diet ones, but I like to keep a few on hand for emergency purposes (didn't have time to pack lunch, etc..).  I'm also not an exotic eater, I prefer regular old comfort food (which is why I love Weight Watchers so much) so when I saw the above as well as one with fish strips I bought them.

Oh this was just so wrong......  as you notice it is 8 pts.  See that huge pile of fries?  Ummmm....expect about 1/2 that amount along with TWO small chicken strips.  Crisping Tray?  It won't matter, the stuff just doesn't crisp.  Taste?  Blah.....the fries almost had that freezer burn taste to them.  What a waste of 8 pts.