I Think It's Time For A Life Makeover

"I think it's time for a life makeover".....a posting on FaceBook by one of my friends.

I saw it, I liked it, I'm stealing it for this post.

Yesterday was my family reunion and CC showed up all enthusiastic because she had a weight loss idea!
Yes at the family reunion where there is a TON of no healthy food, she's talking weight loss (just gotta love her).

We've batted around the "returning to a Weight Watchers meeting" idea; but we did that last year and guess what - we paid, went, but didn't follow the program.  We both agree that Weight Watchers is our "life style change" (she's forbidden me to use "diet") and the program we want to follow; however we've both come to realize that at this time the meetings just won't do us any good.  We've been there, done it, not getting any new information.  Plus we're still ticked at WW for ditching our meeting and our leader for no reason what-so-ever....so I kind of don't want to give them any money.

But we're lifetimers and know how the program works.  We decided to stick with Thursday nights as our "weigh-in" night in CC's bathroom (that's where the scale is) and do what we normally would of done after a WW meeting - have dinner at Subway and then a movie.  We've also decided that we need to commit to one movie a week - we sometimes do more and well that healthy popcorn can add up.

At Subway we know the point values and can adjust the rest of our day accordingly; plus if we do the movie on a regular day we also can adjust our weeklies accordingly.  Now we could probably eat elsewhere if we need a change; but again we need to know the point value of what we'll be eating before getting there. Weight Loss means planning ahead.

So the new Weight Loss Journey Begins.....