Eating Out

Eating out can bring you to some very very bad choices.  It's nice if you end up somewhere that you frequent and are prepared with what to order; or that you've had the time to research the nutritional value of items in advance.  But what happens if you're just out and about with friends and end up at some random place that wouldn't be your top choice.

You can still be prepared.

I use Evernote on my smartphone and try to list point-wise choices to have on hand.  For Example:

Panera Bread:  Half & Half Lunch....1/2 smoked turkey breast on country bread with mustard (no mayo), 1/2 classic salad with vinaigrette dressing and apple  7 pts plus (yes only 7 pts for all of that).

Cracker Barrel:  Haddock-5 pts; Grilled Chicken Tenderloins-1 pt. each; Veggie Soup- 3 pts., Chicken Noodle Soup-2 pts

Chick Fil A:  Chicken Wrap with FF Honey Mustard Dressing and fruit cup - 10 pts

KFC:  Original recipe bites (6) with mashed potatoes & gravy - 8 pts.

McDonald's:  Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap Grilled - 9 pts.

Roy Rogers:  Kids meal with roast beef slider and fruit cup - 4 pts.

Subway:  6 inch flatbread with oven roasted chicken, provolone cheese, sweet onion sauce, cucumber, spinach and pickle - 10 pts.

Get online, look up the nutritional values (most of the chain restaurants have this right on their websites) and keep yourself a list.  Even if it's a place you don't normally least you'll have something available in the one chance you end up there!

So what happens if you end up in a non-chain place?  Remember....chicken is your friend.  Aim for baked and grilled items and avoid fried.  Stay away from items that are breaded.  Choose sides wisely - veggies are your friends.  A salad can be a wise choice if the salad dressing is a wise one - if they have no low-fat or fat free options in dressing, also go for a vinaigrette.