Unofficially Weight Watchers

I know it's been a while......

I had my last weigh-in at Weight Watchers on Thursday, I was down....but still not by a lot.  Yeah, the little ones add up in the long run but not if you are constantly going up one week, down the next, up the next, down the's like being stuck in a hole.  I can't really afford WW right now so I'm opting to do it on my own - keep your fingers crossed for me, it can be very hard venturing out on your own.

I've been trying my doctor's advice by not counting points but continuing to track.  I've been using the SparkPeople app which is very nice and easy and FREE (for a while they charged for it, but now it is free); though the break from points was needed, I still find the point system easier than counting calories and such.  So until I can get back to WW in the fall, I'm going to use this "unofficial" app that I wrote about here: WW Diary - I do like this app, though generic and I will probably use the $1.00/month version to use the scanner - if you don't use that the app is FREE.  Free is always good.

I guess I could paper track, but I always have my phone and this makes it so much more convenient.