Back In The Saddle Again.....

I feel like I'm finally back on the weight loss track!!

I downloaded the wwdiary app and got that all set up and then I did something I've never done - I prepared lunch for all week long!  Lunch is the hardest meal for me to stick to and lite tv dinners, soups and sandwiches just don't cut it for me.  I do well with leftovers though so I kind of used that as a base.

I buy single wrapped chicken breast at the Dollar Tree.  They just costs $1.00 each and it is a frozen skinless boneless 4 oz. filet equaling out to 4 pt+.   So I grilled 5 of them, one for each day.  I then made a box of Uncle Ben's Country Inn Rice (chicken flavored) which I also got at the Dollar Tree.  That box recommends 1 cup servings at 5 pt+, however I did 1/2 cup servings for 3 pt+ and the box made just enough 1/2 cup servings for the week!  I then rounded out the meal with some mixed vegetables (1 pt+ for 2/3 cup).  So I now have an 8 pt+ lunch for each day and to top it all off?  It cost me only $7.25 for all 5 lunches!  It would cost you that (or more) each day if you ate lunch out!  So not only did I save money; I also have a lunch that I'll enjoy eating!  Yay for me!

Breakfast will consist of oatmeal and skim milk (6 pt+).  Dinner will be a little more trying; but I think I can handle that!  Tomorrow will be hamburgers on lite rolls - still not sure of the sides yet.

The Dollar Tree also sells individually wrapped boneless pork chops....I'm already thinking of lunches for next week!  Though I actually could do the chicken all over again (I'm a chicken-holic) I want to get variety into the mix!

Now if I can just get under control for eating out; I'll be doing very very well!