Simply Filling

Why not Simply Filling?

If you are familiar with Weight Watchers, then you know besides the point system they have one called Simply Filling.

With Simply Filling there's a list of foods:  lean meats, vegetables, fruits, fat free dairy; that you eat off of until "satisfied" (not stuffed).  Yep, as much as you want.  Anything off the list?  You have the 49 weekly points to indulge.

So why not use that plan?  One - it still involves points and Two - though I do drink skim milk...the fat free cheeses and stuff just replace the fat with chemicals.  This would be such a healthier version if they'd push the processed stuff out of it.  A great plan if you don't want to count points; but points are still there and I want to graduate from that!

I do follow a few blogs where the person took what they learned from Weight Watchers and moved forward from there.  Some still do points, some do simply filling and some just took the tools they learned and moved on.  I highly suggest these sites:

Roni Noone - Roni has made a business out of her weight loss and has appeared in magazines and on TV.  She has a weight loss site, a recipe site and a travel blog.

Danica's Daily - A Simply Filling fan for the most part; she makes weight loss look so very delicious.

Brooke Not On A Diet - She took her WW experience to the next level and became a Leader. 

There's a few more, but these are my favorites.  Hopefully, I'll get a sidebar up soon.