Ho Hum.....

I've been feeling a little ho-hum these days, not just because of the soon to be home situation or finances; but mostly in health.

I've been dragging, overly tired and some days I feel not quite right.  Dizzy isn't the correct word, but kind of disconnected.  I had this feeling over 10 years ago, no medical test showed anything, it went away on its own.  Perhaps it is all in my head.

A new weight loss product is on the rise:  Vi (I won't honor it with a link).  Basically it's a smoothie mix.  A few people I know are posting all over FaceBook about it.  One has chosen to sell it; I went to her page for information.  I couldn't get any information without first giving my name, address and phone number - yeah, that ain't happening.  A week later I went to training with some other County employees - one of which is a Vi Team Leader - out of the blue she begins a sale pitch. I asked the obvious: "What is the monthly cost?"  I had to ask this question several times to get a straight answer, because I kept getting "If you have 3 people order with you for the month, you'll get yours free."  Eventually I learned there are several packets, but the one she recommended was $300 a month - THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That's a car payment!  I then asked the obvious - "When I'm tired of drinking smoothies for 2 meals a day, how do I maintain the weight loss?"  The answer?  "You know weight loss is a lifestyle change."

 Well - DUH!  But it still didn't answer my question!  She seemed annoyed I'd asked and the conversation ended.  So I did an online search with reviews being 1/2 and 1/2 (naturally those selling it swear by it).  I came across this site:  David Modderman's Weight Loss & Nutrition Blog where he did a requested review of Body by Vi.  Once he started listing ingredients, I knew the product wasn't for me; I have hypothyroid so I have to watch soy intake and what is the main ingredient in this mix?  Yep, you guessed it!  Soy!  So despite all the headless before/after photos...I knew this was not a product for me.

Not that I planned on buying it anyway; but I always like to research.  And really?  Two drinks a day and then a sensible meal?  Didn't Slim Fast invent that years ago?  10 to 1 I could drink a Weight Watchers smoothie twice a day with a sensible meal and lose weight.  But I don't want to be limited to a drink as a meal twice a day - once, fine; twice? I'd never last!

What I need, is to kick my butt in gear and do what I need to do - the lifestyle change.  I did it once; I can do it again!  Goals:

The healthier choice over the bad one
Increase activity
Increase water intake and decrease diet soda
Limit the artificial sweeteners

Studies show that artificial sweeteners are bad for you; diet soda hinders weight loss.  I need to start limiting these.  Most sugar free products contain artificial sweetener-watch for that!  Right now they are saying stevia is the best choice; but years ago it was splenda, which now isn't.  It is a gamble.

I've been gone from the weight loss mentality for far too long....it's time to get back in gear.