I'm Pointed Out!

My doctor's appointment yesterday resulted in my doctor wanting me to monitor my blood pressure for 3 months.  My pressure is normally, well....normal; why it was high yesterday I have no idea; but I'm getting a blood pressure monitor after work this evening and going to chart that for him for a 3 month period.

Course, weight was a conversation as well.  When I go back in 3 months, he wants 10 lbs. gone.
We discussed my Weight Watchers journey; I explained my hard time trying to maintain and my not being as "in it" as I was the first time around - he understood it, totally agreed it is hard and said that most people feel the same as I do.

I then was rattling about every time I see food, I immediately am calculating points in my head for it, I worry I'm overeating in restaurants because point values aren't in front of me and I'm guessing and I may be wrong....I actually told him their are days that I'm just pointed out.

He then gave me a piece of advice - "Then stop counting them."  I was astonished and told him that that was part of the program.  He then asked me had I learned anything else from WW other than to count points?  Of course, I had....I know a healthy selection from a non-healthy one; I know portion control is important and I know a lot more than just point counting!  He then advised me to continue to track what I'm eating; even continue with meetings and weigh-ins; but don't count the points.

Later, after discussing this with CC and thinking further; I realized what he was getting at.....  I was pointed out; in other words the point counting had become a full time job - I didn't know how to eat without a point value attached to it.

He gave me a prescription from that stress - "Stop Counting Them." 

So I guess I need a notebook or some type of app that just counts nothing (otherwise I'll be thinking it through in my head). 

He also advised that we aren't worrying over the WW weight guidelines; I need a weight I can maintain.  I'm to aim to lose 10 lbs. and then maintain there; then I can decide to go lower or stay - but we aren't going to force a certain weight...will let my body be the guide.

Am I headed for Weight Watchers graduation?????

I was up 6/10's at weigh in last night <<sigh>>.....