50 Posts In a Row #45


Yesterday while CC and I were shopping, we stopped at ALDI.  ALDI is a discount grocery store where most products are brands you never heard of (just like at Save A Lot).  That can be a turn off for some people without even giving it a chance; but if you're like me where saving money is important then you may want to check out ALDI.

This is only the second time I've been in an ALDI.  Last time I picked up some fruit and veggies for much less than a normal grocery store; this time around I bought some of their Fit & Active products:

(please excuse the photos, I was hurrying)

2 points plus

2 for 4 points plus

1 point plus a slice

I had the waffles this morning for breakfast and they are EXCELLENT, much better than the Special K and Kashi brand ones (that taste like cardboard to me).  I haven't tried the yogurt or cheese yet but I've no doubt they are comparable to other store and name brands.  And they are so much cheaper.

Roni's Weigh has some posts regarding this product visit her post here:  Roni's Q&A On ALDI products and you'll find links to other posts she's done regarding them!