50 Posts In a Row #38

Let's talk The Walking Dead shall we?

If you don't watch it, you need too - best show on television.  However, you do need to watch it from the very beginning...if you try to join in now-well, not only will you be lost but you'll have no investment in the characters to care about anything.

For those that watch, you know that the Season Four Finale is on tonight!  And we'll have to wait until OCTOBER for it to come back.  There's lots of hype about this episode out there and they claim we will be soooooooooo........wishing the time away for October to get here!

I've read the comics and have watched the show from the beginning; sometimes they are a like, a lot of times not.  There's suppose to be a shocking death tonight....let's look at the characters (sorry if this is spoilers for anyone - remember, there could be SPOILERS...so don't read further if you're behind - and I have no clue of anything happening tonight, so no spoilers there).

Who will be the "shocking" death?

Rick - the whole story revolves around Rick - it's his story!  Would they kill him off??  A death of Rick would be a shocker!

Carl - Rick's son.  Though he was an annoying child the first 2 seasons, he's really turned around.  Carl's been through a lot since the first season.  His death would be a shocker!

Daryl - Daryl is every one's favorite redneck, plus the hearth rob of all the fan girls out there.  He's the show favorite, the most popular character.  A shocking death?  I feel that would be more surprising than shocking..but a sad loss none-the-less.

Carol - Her husband was deserving killed by walkers (yeah, you heard that-he deserved it); her daughter disappeared only to show up as a walker later.  Though she was very weak to start, she's come a long way and will do anything to protect the group.  She recently had to put down a young psychotic girl, someone she considered an adoptive daughter - not an easy thing.  Though Carol's death wouldn't surprise me or shock me; I could see her sacrificing herself to save others.

Glen - Gee, Glen just survived that flu that was killing everyone off - would they let him survive only to kill him off later?  I'm guessing no, but I believe it will be he or Maggie.

Maggie - Glen's wife whom he met during the apocalypse.  They just had an emotional reunion after not knowing if each other were alive.  Maggie burned the photo of herself telling Glen he wouldn't need it anymore.  Hmmmmmm.......  Maggie is my pick of who will die; however Glen not needing a photo anymore could mean he will have that death - either way, one of them are going.

Beth - Maggie's sister, whom some believe is already dead and laying on the grill at Terminus (don't ask). Beth was taken by someone in a car - I believe she is still alive (not being grilled) but where I have no idea.

Tyreese - His part was so much bigger in the comics and they haven't done much with him here.  He's expendable, though I don't want him to be the one to go.  Course he can't go anywhere until he reunited baby Judith with her father and brother (Rick & Carl who both think she's dead).

Sasha & Bob - I'm putting them together because they are characters we're just getting to know.  I doubt either will go this evening.

Abraham & Crew - New characters, no deaths there yet.

Joe & Crew - definitely not good guys, they're expendable.

Mary - need to know who is at Terminus with her to make that decision.

If we're looking for a SHOCKING death - I'd say Rick or Carl.  My guess is Maggie or Glen.