50 Posts in A Row #35

I'm all about giving a product a thumbs up when needed and a thumbs down as a warning, lol!!

Anyway....I was at Big Lots last Saturday and came across Better Oats Oatmeal.  They had several flavors and the great thing?  They were only $1.00 a box - and you got 5 pouches!  That's a 20 cent breakfast!

I decided on the Blueberry and Strawberry:

  Both of these flavors come in at 4 points plus a serving, which is comparable with the other brands out there.  The oatmeal smells amazing right from the pouch; and they are a great grab & go because they have this:

Yep, once you empty the oatmeal into a bowl, you can use the pouch to measure the water!!  A very nice idea!

And the taste?  It's probably the best instant oatmeal I've had:

I've checked their website and they have other flavors as well (as did Big Lots):


Maple & Brown Sugar

Apples & Cinnamon

Cinnamon & Spice

Peaches & Cream

To name just a few, check out their website!!