50 Posts In a Row #17

I see lots and lots of questions on the Weight Watchers FaceBook page regarding the "diet" options.  So let's answer that question.

Weight Watchers offers two plans to choose from:  Points Plus and Simply Filling.

Points Plus is the one most are familiar with - you are given a daily point target.  Each food has a point value depending on its calculation of fat, carbs, fiber & protein.  You eat what foods you want up to your daily point target.  You are given a weekly point amount to use (or not) also.

Simply Filling involves no daily target.  You eat off a list of food until you are "satisfied not stuffed".  The food list are "power foods" meaning they are foods that will keep you fuller for a longer period (veggies, fruits, fat free dairy, light whole grain breads, whole grain pastas and lean meats).  You do get the weekly point amount to use for anything off the list.

So in answer to the questions on FaceBook?  No, there is not a plan specifically for diabetics, gluten free, etc..  However, if you're doctor has given you a food plan - you can adapt the Points Plus plan for your needs as you can eat ANY food on it.

There are guidelines associated with the plans.  Healthy Guidelines include:  3-5 servings of fruit/veggies a day; 2 healthy oils a day; 2 dairies a day; a multi-vitamin daily and 6-8 oz. servings of liquid (preferably water) a day.  Build your menus around these guidelines and you should be good to go.

Again, if you have dietary needs - ask your doctor!