So My Birthday Came & Went

My 50th birthday is now over and I'm ready to spend my year of being 50!

I got up that morning, walked the dogs and went to work (exciting right?).  Hubby was working late; so CC was taking me to dinner that evening.  I'm not at work 15 minutes when CC calls, says she's ill and won't be making it tonight.  That's fine...I decided to spend the evening with the dogs, Netflix and a bottle of Asti.
When hubby texted to see how my day was, I told him the change in plans for the evening and he opted not to work that evening and take me to dinner.

As the work day wore on, I was rather disappointed that the cupcakes that normally show up on birthdays, didn't.  Hmmmmmm...... but after a terrible lunch (stale wheat bread Locust Point) that ended up in the trash these arrived from hubby:

Beautiful aren't they?

The big excitement came later in the day, when none other than David Morrissey himself (yep, THE GOVERNOR from The Walking Dead) sent me a tweet on twitter:


Hubby came home early and we went to dinner at Hempen Hill.  But, it was more than dinner - it was a Surprise Party!! Yep - CC wasn't sick after all!

Thanks to Hubby, CC and my sister Judy for planning things out.  And to my nieces-Kelly & Jamie, Kelly's man Chris, my brother-in-law Randy, my parents, my step daughter Lauren and the three grandboys plus baby Benny and my co-worker Mary for taking the time to help me celebrate!

Mary actually thought I was only turning 40 - God love her.  So she originally bought me this (and gave it to me anyway):

But then she ran out and go this:

All and all it was a fun night!!