Diet And Upcoming "50" Posts

I'm so very very good at giving advice on Weight Watchers to anyone that asks - in person or online.  I love to explain the program to people because I really think it's a good one.  But I was thinking today at how very bad I am on following the program this time around.

So I've decided I need to do better - I need to get back in gear - I need to get this regained weight back off.

I also need to get my "50" themed posts back in gear!  So tomorrow is the first of "50 Posts In A Row".  The posts will consist of anything of my choosing and I'm going to try and "theme" the days if at all possible....

Fridays will be the Weight Watchers update since it's the start of my week and the day after weigh-in.

Saturdays will be Anything Goes - after all Saturdays are for relaxing.

Sundays will be Faith related.

Mondays will be a Weekend Update to include another weigh-in.

Tuesdays will be a Recipe.

Wednesday will a TV or Movie review.

Thursdays will be a Photo day.

We'll see how it goes!