50 Posts In a Row #8

I'm happy to say....much to my surprise - I had a 2.2 lb. weight loss at weigh-in - HURRAY!!!

Always good to see a loss....

And why we are on the Weight Watchers topic; I'd like to comment on some posts I've been seeing on their FaceBook page.

Quite a few are giving the hard luck story of wanting to lose weight on WW; but due to health issues, job loss, economy, and any other issues can't afford the fee...what can I do???

I'm hear to tell you - WW isn't going to jump in and give you a free membership, they are a business out to make money; nor are paying members going to give you the info (why should we pay for it and you get it free?); however if you do have a job, check to see if they may offer some incentive for a weight loss program and / or check to see if your insurance company will cover it.  Neither of those available? There are many FREE weight loss programs available online that many are successful with - just do a Google search.  Still really want WW?  Do a Google search, you'd be surprised of the information out there.

Another are people also wanting to do WW; but don't like the fact of the sodium in the package meals when their own home cooking is healthier.  This is a very common mistake - Weight Watchers is not Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, nor any other weight loss program that requires you to buy pre-packaged meals, shakes, supplements, etc..  Yes, WW does have some pre-packaged snacks, smoothies and such available; but you don't "have to " use them - you can cook your own meals and never touch a packaged one.

So I'll come down off my soapbox now....