Starting Weight Watchers Again

So Thursday we finally made it back to Weight Watchers (remember it snowed last week).  The place was packed and we discovered our favorite check-in person Joseph had moved to Florida.  But despite the crowd we managed through the meeting.

A few posts back I mentioned I had bought the new Weight Watchers kit.  One of the items in the kit is the 12 week journal for tracking.  I'm normally the smart phone/internet tracker and though I still use those methods I decided for at least the initial 12 weeks I would use the journal as well.

First the cons:
1.  The journal is not pocket size like the old one.  Unless you have a huge purse, this one isn't going to fit.  If you're a guy - it won't fit in a shirt or jacket pocket either.  C'mon Weight Watchers, you had it right once before - why the change?
2.  There's no place to track your weight in it.  I mean seriously, only one page is needed for that.  Oh there's a place to log your pounds lost each week; but ONE page you can look at and see your progress doesn't exist.

Now the good stuff:
Each week you have a week at a glance calendar.  At the top you can write in any special events, parties, etc.. that are happening during the week which in turn helps to plan your day and week accordingly.  There's a place to write in Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks that are planned for the week (not necessary to add point values here - it's the planning stage); an area for planned activity and an area showing how you plan on breaking up your weekly allowance of points.

There's a page for notes and dishes you plan to make that week.  Next to that is a page for a grocery list.
Then begins the daily point tracker pages.  Each week ends with a Weekly Wrap-up page where you list your losses/gains, meeting notes, anything you've learned during the week and an area to mark off you weekly points as you use them and the earns/uses of activity points.

I really think this tracker is rather useful and other than the 2 things mentioned above, is worth the purchase.
I've seen these being sold separately from the kit.

Another thing in the kit is the spiral book "Find Your Fingerprinting"-Your Guide To Making Weight Watchers Work For You.  A very good read with worksheets throughout to help you on your journey.  I've only seen this available with the kit.

Another book in the kit is the "Master Your Meals and Snacks" recipe book.  50 recipes are in here to be used with Simple Start (or any other time).  I've found quite a few I want to try.  I don't know if this is available outside the kit.

In my opinion - the kit is worth a buy.