Small Loss and Weight Loss Excuses

So last night's weigh-in wasn't quite as great as last week's, only down .6 this week...but at least it was a loss!

Let's discuss excuses when coming for Weight Loss.

Nothing irritates me more, than sitting in a meeting, having someone that is struggling looking for advice, and then shooting down all advice with the can'ts and don't likes. (BTW this didn't happen at the meeting, but it has before and I've seen the same thing on message boards).

I'm talking about the person that "claims" they are following program and it's not working....or the person that is struggling because of <insert it here>.

Let's start with the first person:  Are you sure you're following the program to a tee?  Using your dailys, weeklys, earned activity points and no more?  Are you getting all the Good Health Guidelines in? The 2 healthy oils, 3-5 veggies/fruits, 2 dairies, 6 liquids and multi-vitamin?  Are you eating lean meats?  Are you weighing and measuring?  Are you honestly using the correct point value?  If you can answer yes to all these questions - perhaps Weight Watchers isn't the weight loss program for you.

The next one is the nay-sayer.  You know the one that asks for advice and turns down everything you offer:

"Perhaps you should replace some of you fruit intake with veggies."
"I hate vegetables."

"I travel all day in the car, so it's hard to stay on program."
"Get yourself a little cooler for in the car and pack some healthy things and sandwiches."
"I hate sandwiches."  "I don't have the time to pack things, I work long hours."

You know the person - doesn't matter what you offer, they can't do it.  They want to lose the weight by doing everything they have been doing.

I'm going to tell you something - doing what you have been doing is how you gained weight.  So that should tell you that that isn't going to work.  You need to make the changes necessary, if you want the change.  And that means YOU have to say "can" instead of "can't".

Let's start with vegetables.  I'm not a veggie person either.  The ones I like tend to be the ones that aren't the best ones (potatoes, corn, peas); but I've learned to eat others.  I hate green beans...but they are on every menu, so I order them and eat them.  I still hate them, but I eat them.  Spinach - blah!  But I've learned that a handful of fresh spinach blended with my smoothie is undetectable.  I can eat raw vegetables, so they replace a side of chips/pretzels with my lunch.  Get online, look up new recipes and you will be amazed how those hated vegetables can actually taste good!

 You can't eat all your meals out - you just can't.  I know traveling makes things difficult, but weight loss requires planning and frankly, if you don't want to take the time to do that, you're probably not in the right mind set to lose weight.

Weight Loss requires sacrifice.  That doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite foods, but it does mean you're going to have to work to get to where you want; and if you can't - well then you won't.