So my first week being back at Weight Watchers and taking it totally seriously resulted in a 2.2 lb. loss!
Not bad considering I not only used all daily points but all weeklies as well.

I'll admit, it could of been more of a loss....but I had a movie night with CC plus we did lunch one day and I had dinner one evening with Kim.  But....I did lose; and there's proof you can eat normally without making sacrifices and still lose.

My weeks start on Friday.  I chose Friday because I weigh-in on Thursday evening and can start fresh the next day.  Plus having the weekend (my heaviest eating days) at the beginning of the week is rather helpful.
Sometimes you just have to work around things to see what works best for you as it is different for everyone.

I still hate the message boards at the official WW site though - those people are just rude.