Happy New Year!

Well 2014 has finally arrived!

Okay, I sound a little more excited than I really am....it really is just another year, week, day, etc...

So we know what a new year means, right?  I'm totally bad with resolutions, so I stopped making them long ago.  However, there are some "to dos" I have planned:

1.  Back to Weight Watchers.  Yeah, I rejoined back in September but only half do the program.  So tomorrow it is back to Thursday nights (as Tuesday night meetings are too early and thus we miss 1/2 or all the meeting).  I also bought a few things to get me started until I get to the grocery store Saturday.

2.  Hubby and I months ago talked about taking one Sunday a month and doing something together; so we want to start that once his health allows.  He had bunion surgery on his right foot in November which is healing, but taking FOREVER; and his left foot gets done next week.  Plus before Christmas he fell flat on his back on ice while walking the dogs and suffered a chest injury (we spent an entire day in the ER praying it wasn't a heart attack, blood clot, etc... - he was there overnight).  Chest injuries they don't do anything for and you just have to suffer through them and they take forever to heal as you have to breath, which of course irritates them.  So yeah, we want to spend some "together" time; but can't start until hubby is totally healed.

3.  Once a week, regardless how minor, hubby and I want to do something at the house.  Since we moved in 6 years ago (yep, it's been that long ago); the outlet behind the tv needed replaced.  Hubby finally did that this past week!  So we need to find something doable and DO IT!

4.  And this year, January 30th exactly, I'll be 50 Years Old!!  So I'm working on a "50"  posts.  Hope you enjoy them!