It's been way way too long since I've done a post.

The fostering of the little black kitty from my car is going great.  After several names, we've settled on the name "Sookie" (True Blood fans will recognize that name).  She's still not officially ours; but I'm sure we're at the top of the list.

She just loves our dog Toby - LOVES him!!  She follows him everywhere.  She does respond to my voice, but mostly because that normally means food, lol.  She loves to play but she doesn't want a human touching her; but we're working on that.  She's just a bundle of energy.  I don't think she'll ever be a lap cat; but she fits in our home well.
Weight Watchers has been going "eh" this time around.  However, they have a program revamp that I'm kind of excited about and definitely plan on starting after the first of the year.

Firstly though:  There have been no changes to how points are calculated.  Points Plus still exists.

Just need to get that out of there because people are still in a tizzy over the 2011 revamp where the old points system went out and points plus came in.

Anyway, what they have now is a 2 week program called Simple Start.  Simple Start is for newbies that need help getting started; us oldies that need to re-start, come out of a plateau, or just need a change.  You can continue with it for as long as you want; or start it, stop, then go back, etc...  Sometimes, you just need someone to tell you what to eat!

The program formally starts the week of December 29th; but Weight Watchers is having the centers hand out the booklets now.  This gives you time to read it over and then ask questions if necessary; or you can go ahead and give it a start!

If you go to the meetings; you'll get the welcome packet that includes the Simple Start booklet:  
(please excuse my floor)

If you're an online member, you'll see the links at the bottom of your home page:

And there's also an app available iPhone users go to your app store; Android uses go to yours and search for Simple Start.

Simple Start is based on the Simply Filling Plan (bet some of you never heard of this portion of Weight Watchers).  Simply Filling is a list of healthy power foods.  If you have the Weight Watchers books that show you points values - all the foods with a green triangle are power foods.  With this particular program you eat off the food list and you need not count points of any food on the list.  You just eat until you are SATISFIED (not stuffed).  You also get the 49 weekly points to eat things off the list.  Anyway Simple Start is based around that plan.

They have these great kits available now for $34.95:

(again excuse my floor)
You get a really nice bag to carry everything in.  There's different prints; but I chose the real psychedelic one!  You get a microwave vegetable steamer; a 12 week tracker, point stickers, coupons, a deck of workout cards, a cookbook and a book to help you find your "nitch" with Weight Watchers.  I really like this alot!!

So get to Weight Watchers the week of December 29th and learn all about this program.