I plan on getting back into the swing of things at Weight Watchers after the first of the year.

When I started WW, I went to the center on Thursday nights.  This time around I've been doing Tuesdays.  I like both the leaders and the people at the meetings, however, Tuesday meetings start earlier and it is very hard getting their on time.  Most times we miss the meeting or at least most of it.

So I'm thinking maybe Thursdays would be better again.

CC and I had a Christmas get together last Tuesday; so I went to the Thursday meeting instead.  I was glad to see the leader and receptionist again, excited about the new Simple Start (WW excitement for me has been long gone for some time) and enjoyed the meeting from start to finish.

So.......I really need to look at the pros and cons of this.  It just seems stupid to be paying the monthly fee and only getting a weigh-in and the weekly pamphlet.  Those meetings helped before; I think they will again.


  1. I just rejoined WW AGAIN. I loved the Simple Start the first week. I recommend staying with the program. My leader--who remembered me--said that I should tell her how leaving WW will be better for my life before I leave again. That got me thinking! I don't plan on leaving again...but i have said that before. Good luck!!

  2. Agree! Anyone that has done the program knows if you stop doing it, it stops working. I admire those that continue with it long after meetings and such; but I'm not one of them. Looking forward to the Simple Start; planning my menus now!


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