This & That

Well Thanksgiving came and went and I ate WAY TOO MUCH!!  But that was expected.

It was a very busy day.  First it was to my family for Thanksgiving dinner, then to my step-daughter's for some grandchildren fun, then to my step-son's for dessert.  We were very tired when we got home.

I did pick up the Pita Kitty - which we now call "Josie" for fostering.  She's still very very timid, but she's coming around and taking over our whole house.  She has to go back in 2 weeks for vaccine booster and re-worming.  She's really really grown.  She was at least twice the size she was when she was in my car.  It's amazing how fast they grow in such a short time.

The plan is to adopt her as long as our current pets can accept it.  Right now it's a little turmoil, but I think in another week we'll have more of an idea of how things will be.  It sometimes takes up to 30 days to adjust (we know this well by now).

I'm looking for a new design for the website so that's why thing look a little different...but it's that time again!