Only Me......

First the good news:  I'm a great-aunt again!!  Benjamin Thomas was born on Sunday, November 3rd @ 9:15 p.m. weighing in at 7 lbs. 15 oz.  Beautiful Baby!!

Now the weird news:

Yesterday, I left work at 2:00 p.m. to go see the baby.  While driving down the Dual Highway in Hagerstown, I see a guy pulled over to the side.  I slowed down and then saw a small black kitten in the road (this is an extremely busy road).  When the guy tried to get the kitten, it ran and I had to come to a stop to avoid hitting it.  It ran under my car - they guy couldn't find it.  It was then when the woman behind me said "He jumped up under your car."

Yep, you heard that right....not under my car - up in it (and not the front end).  With traffic backed up and seeing the kitty no where...we had no choice but to continue on.  I arrived at the hospital and stayed about 2 hours.  From there I stopped to see hubby at work and he checked under the car for kitty - Nothing.  From there, I got gas, drove back to Waynesboro, stopped to see the grandkids for like 45 minutes, went home, and walked the dogs.  It's now about 7:00.  For my own mind, I got a flashlight and checked under the car again (but certainly that kitty couldn't have held on all that time right?); I see nothing and am about to go into the house when I hear "mew".  At first I thought I imagined it - but then I hear it again and Joppa immediately runs under the car and starts looking around.  So I wasn't imagining it - Joppa heard it too!!  Now I'm very stressed and can't see a kitty ANYWHERE.

I ended up at CC's where her hubby did everything but take the car apart piece by piece - Nothing.  When hubby got home he checked but again nothing.

This morning, hubby walks the dog and says the kitten isn't in the car anymore I can hear him meowing over at Jean's (our neighbor).  He then walked over, and moved her trash can and this little black ball of fluff runs out and Cooper immediately chases it down the alley.  Not good - but better than driving around with him in the car.

This evening when I got home, the kitty was in the alley playing with Cooper; of course he ran when he saw me.  I was able to locate him in a bush - he is ITTY BITTY LITTLE, but he ran before I could get him - I tried twice more but no luck.  I now have the cat carrier with tuna in it sitting outside.

I feel so bad for the poor thing and just want to get it inside.........  :(