Kitty Update


I took kitty to the vet's the next day and happened to be there when the Humane Society was dropping off animals for surgery.

I reluctantly handed him over.


Don't get me wrong - that little bugger and I have a history now; but I think he needs to be a little bit older for us to care for.  Hubby just had foot surgery and my attention needs to be there.

We've told the Humane Society that when he is ready for adoption, we want to be considered.  He's been marked "finder is interested in adopting".  With any luck he will be home for Christmas.

Again, I don't really know that it is a "he" or not; but it makes no difference.

Though we've referred to "it" as "Pita" (Pain-In-The-A**) as a joke, I'm not real sure that that will remain the name.  I've always thought a male would be "Tobias" or a female would be "Maebee" (yes, I love the show Arrested Developement)...but recently the name "Harley" has stuck in my head and it works for male or female.

But I hate thinking of a name, if I don't end up with it; but I'm sure God will bring me the cat I'm suppose to have.