I'm Lost...and then an UPDATE!!

The kitten went up into my car again this morning and is still there somewhere within the engine.  I can hear it, but I can't see it.  I'm totally at a loss.  I cannot not drive my car.

So I'm doing what anyone else would do...I'm crying.

I'm crying because I want to help him and can't.

I'm crying because I am so exhausted over this.

I'm crying because I'm going to have to use my car and that result could mean his demise.

I'm crying because if he's stuck and can't move and I can't find him; he'll die in there.

I am so hysterical at this moment.


Kitty is now in a crate in my bathroom.  Whew...what a night.

After hubby got home around 6:30 I went to leave Joppa out and could hear him meowing except it didn't sound like it was coming in the direction of the car.  Once I verified that he was in deed meowing from another direction, I moved the car to the street.

I walked around the field and could hear him in a very large bush.  Despite how very close he sounded I couldn't find him.  Eventually hubby came to help and we both worked from different ends.  But then the meowing stopped and after listening for several minutes, we realized he had run out and his meows were closer to our house.  Cooper led us to the backyard by the grill and there he was.  Once we had him cornered hubby threw a towel on him and we put him in a pillowcase (I picked that up online).  He's now in the crate in the bathroom.  He's scared, he meows and hisses, but at least I know he's not in the car and that he's in a safe place.  Next stop will be a vet check and if that is clear...my guess he belongs to us!

I am so very glad that I moved the car, I've no doubt he would of run right into the car when he ran from the bush.

God Is Good!