It's really been a busy few days!!

About 2 years ago or so we bought this at a local thrift store:

It was only $125 for all three pieces and it served us very very well over the years.  But as the title of my blog states - we did have a few issues!  We turned cushions over and such, but eventually there was no more turning as of this week (I have no idea after so long of no chewing that someone decided to tear up a good side of a cushion). None-the-less, it was time to start looking again.

FaceBook has many "yard sale" groups; they seem to have taken away from FreeCycle; anyway I'm going down through postings on one of the groups and come across a 3 piece set for $100.  It looked as if it is in good shape and no one had ever replied to the postings now about 2 weeks old.  I asked if it was still available and it was.  After some pming back and forth, hubby and I went up Friday to look at it, liked it and rounded up the help of CC, her hubby and my stepston and got it today.  Now we have this:

They are a little longer than our old ones, but so far so good!  And it beats the old torn up one!  And it's getting the living room a good cleaning and I plan on doing a face lift on the living room soon anyway - it's been 6 years, needs it.

Today was my niece's baby shower - making the getting the furniture in the morning, then to the baby shower - a really exhausting day!!


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