Product Review

I'm all about giving reviews on products I've used and it's only right to give you a review of a product that isn't that great.

My one grandson turned 5 in September.  He had told me that he "hoped" someone would get him an iPad for his birthday.

Being his grandma, of course I did that - okay, not exactly.....he's only 5 and I'm not an Apple person.  So I opted on a cheap android tablet.

I did some research at Amazon and ended up ordering 7" Matricom .Tab Nero which they were selling for $66.00.  For some reason I keep seeing these at a much higher price now ($269 on Amazon at the moment); trust me it's not worth that much.

The tablet arrives, he loves it, etc...  However, a week later his 3 year old brother had it in hand and 5 year old grabbed it from him and it flung across the room and fell into 2 pieces.  No big deal, I had taken out an accident plan and within a week I had the newer version (.Tab Nero 2) in hand.  I also ordered another for 3 year old for Christmas and two cases.

I take it to him, he uses it.  Within 2 days it stops powering up.  His Mom says at first it refused to power off and they had to let the battery run down; but after that despite much charging it wouldn't boot back up.  No big deal, it was still returnable to Amazon and I'd just give him the Christmas one so he didn't have down time AGAIN.  I got home, pulled out the other and despite it working perfectly when it first arrived - it now wouldn't power up either despite some charging.  So I had to return them both.  Though I'll get full refunds, I've no doubt that they will arrive at Amazon and power up perfectly for them thus costing me a 15% stocking fee because well, that's just how life seems to work for me.

Obviously this tablet has some power issues and despite the many stars at Amazon there are many reviews complaining that it worked a few days and then that was it isn't just us, probably a bad lot.

I opted to order an entirely different brand this time around settling on a Coby.  Coby is what hubby has and it's been a well used little tablet.  However, unknown to me when I bought it...Coby's are not compatible with the Google App Store.  I had to do a "jail break" to get that on there for him...and just for the record that means that the warranty goes kaput if the "jail break" fails.  So when buying Coby's read the description - if it mentions any app store other than google - it can't access it.  HOWEVER, a new one came out that is Google Certified and that's the one I bought for my grandson; hopefully it will arrive next week.

So remember you get what you pay for.